The Milky Way

Our Spiral Galaxy


We live in the part of the galaxy called the Milky Way. Here is our solar system and all we know. We do not yet have the technology to go further into space and discover what is there. But we are working on it. We have learned a lot about space.

We have even learned that there is a Black hole at the center of our galaxy. It is not in danger of coming closer to us at the moment. but the way we found it was through mathematical plotting and abnormal behaviors in that area. This is the only way to find a Black hole because they are invisible unless they are eating. When I say eating I mean when they are devouring and destroying a galaxy. It is a very pretty cite to see, but we don’t want it to happen.

Our solar system is the one we are concentrating on. It is the best thing to know all we can about our own solar system before we move on to others! We are still trying to send people to Mars before we  move forward to another planet. The thoughts are to try and Tara form Mars so humans can inhabit it. This thought is in place because humans are destroying Earth and we want to continue living.

You can see the Milky way some time at night when you are away from the city. It is beautiful.