Travel in Space!

Space, The Final Frontier!

There have been many probes sent out into space. Almost every planet has been visited by them. There has even been people in space. Dogs and monkeys also! We have gone to the moon and orbited around Earth. There are advances being made every day. We have lost great minds to space but have gained great knowledge.

NASA is one of the leading companies of space exploration. They even invented a pen that could write upside down. Even though they didn’t need to. Russia used a pencil. Sometimes Americans over think things. But when Sputnik 1 Went up from Russia and America had nothing, the great space race began.

A satellite orbiting Earth

A satellite orbiting Earth

Some of the probes out and about right now are, Rosetta launched in 2004, New Horizons launched in 2006, Juno Launched in 2011, Cassini orbiter launched in 1997, Mars Odyssey Launched in 2001, Mars Express Launched in 2003, MESSENGER Launched in 2004, Opportunity Rover launched in 2003, Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Launched in 2005, Venus Express Launched in 2005, Dawn Launched 2007, Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Launched in 2009, ARTEMIS P1/P2 Launched in 2007, and Curiosity rover Launched in 2011. There are also many others but that would be quite a lot.